1. What is a Kiddle Me squeezy ?

Kiddle Me Squeezy’s are convenient packaging formats developed for easy consumption for children directly from the pouch, which helps reduce food coming in contact with external environment before consumption. The flow of the contents can be controlled depending upon by the child himself or the person feeding the child.

2. What all does Kiddle Me products contain ?

All Kiddle Me products contain one portion each of fruit, vegetables, cereals and dairy, fortified with 15 vitamins and minerals which are required for growth, development and immunity building in children.

3. Are all Kiddle Me products vegetarian ?

Yes, all Kiddle Me products are 100% vegetarian. We only use real fruits, vegetables, cereals and dairy as ingredients in all our products.

4. Does Kiddle Me products need to be refrigerated ?

No, you don’t need to refrigerate Kiddle Me products as it has a shelf life of 6 months when kept at normal room temperature.
Once opened, we recommend the same to be consumed immediately or refrigerated for not more than 6 hours before being consumed.

5. How are Kiddle Me products shelf stable if there are no preservatives ?

We make use of innovative multi-layer barrier packaging material, which restricts the flow of oxygen and contaminants inside the sealed pouch, and hence preserving it naturally. Once the pouches are filled and sealed all the pouches are heat treated to kill all types of micro-organisms to deliver safe and healthy products for your children.

6. Where are the raw materials sourced from for manufacturing the products ?

All the raw materials are either picked up fresh from the agriculture and dairy farms, or sourced from international suppliers specializing in direct sourcing from farms straight in to our kitchen.

7. What are the safety standards which are kept in mind while manufacturing the products ?

Our facility is ISO 22000:2005 certified and FSSAI licensed to produce the best quality food products specializing in shelf stable fruits, vegetables, cereals and dairy.

8. What is Warrior Mix ?

Warrior Mix is a custom-made premix which includes fifteen vitamin and minerals known to assist growth, development and build immunity in children.

9. Are all Kiddle Me packaging material BPA free ?

Yes, all Kiddle Me products make use of BPA free packaging, which is also recyclable.

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