Tomatino Cuppa Pasta, Just Open and Eat, Healthy Fortified Snacks, 200 Gram Each (Pack of 4)

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  • JUST OPEN & EAT: No adding warm water, no cooking and no waiting. Just open and eat from the cup itself. The cups are microwave safe, and just in case want to enjoy warm, the same can be microwaved for 30-60 seconds based on preference.
  •   TASTY & HEALTHY SNACKING FOR KIDS: Tomatino Pasta provides truly exciting and fulfilling snacking experience for your kids. Eating and associated habits in kids often takes back seat as they are inherently fussy eaters. It has right amount of clean energy required for kids to manoeuvre through their daily routines with required energy levels.
  • IMMUNITY, GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT: Tomatino Pasta is fortified with Vitamin A, D and Zinc, known to assist growth, development & immunity building in kids.
  • CONSUMPTION ON THE GO: Colourful convenient cup along with the spoon for kids enables eating into fun activity. Needless to mention, packaging format is extremely handy for convenient and easy consumption, especially when you are travelling outside comfort of your house with your kids.
  • BALANCED NUTRITION: We focus on making sure your child is able to eat all different food types mainly fruits, vegetables, cereals and dairy in one go, thereby providing them with balanced nutrition. Our products do not contain any preservatives, added colours or flavours, and comes in BPA free recyclable packaging material.
  • WORLD CLASS SAFETY STANDARDS AND PROCESSES: We deploy heat sterilization methods/techniques developed by NASA scientists to preserve food items without use of any chemicals and preservatives. All the batches are manufactured in ISO 22000 HACCP facility. We also have an inhouse microbial culture lab to test each and every batch for microbial load and contamination before the product is shipped to any of our little champions.
  • For any queries or concerns related to food or eating in children, please reach out to our child development experts at +91-9004360001

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Tomatino Cuppa Pasta, Just Open and Eat, Healthy Fortified Snacks, 200 Gram Each (Pack of 4)
516.00 399.00